Choir Membership Agreement

9. As a voluntary organization, members are expected to participate in non-musical activities that contribute to the health and sustainability of the choir, such as. B as support for the OIGC workshop, fundraising and other information activities. Members are also encouraged to participate in specific project committees or service groups (e.g. B ministerial committee, choir council, committee) all of which are essential to the functioning of the choir. Anyone participating in one of the participants mentioned above will immediately have their membership verified and, if the issue cannot be resolved, participants will be invited to leave without a refund. Monday and Tuesday in person choirs are currently on hiatus. We will be singing online by zoom on Tuesday until it is safe to sing in person. 9.3 You may film, film, photograph or record your choir with the prior written permission of your choir, provided that it is used only for personal and non-commercial purposes, does not contain defamatory material and does not infringe other people`s intellectual property or other property rights. In particular, without our prior written permission, you cannot sell, license or obtain a commercial profit on video, video, photo or otherwise. Our gigs and virtual chorus movies are so much fun and we want to share the love! All our gigs are recorded, filmed and/or photographed. This should help spread the word about the great benefits of choir and singing and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your excellent work! By joining Soul of the City Choir, you agree that we will include you in movies and use them in performance videos, commercials and sometimes editorials. 7.

A limited number of scholarships are available for members with economic difficulties. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you will receive a scholarship application form from your section head or consulting association. You must inform your Dues Taker of your scholarship status. Members who receive scholarships are expected to make in-kind contributions and be invited to assist in the sale of cassettes and CDs, the wearing of equipment, office volunteers or certain choral projects. 1.3 If the terms of this Agreement differ from what has been communicated to you, the terms of this Agreement apply, unless you receive written confirmation from us. (a) we may film, photograph, photograph or record your choir from time to time during rehearsals or performances for our own commercial purposes; Full payment of due fees guarantees your membership, we cannot book places. This must be received within 2 weeks of your first meeting, otherwise we reserve the right to terminate your membership. 3.1 When your membership comes to an end, you can renew it by paying your member`s contributions for the next payment period on or before the due date.

If you do not pay your dues on or before that date, you will no longer be a member. 6. Keep members` dues paid in a timely manner. The fee is $25.00/month from February to December ($275.00/year in total) and is payable in the first sample of each month. You are responsible for paying fees during the summer holidays and before the holiday. If you are three months behind the persons due, you are considered on parole until your payments are up to date. If you are six months behind the required persons, you will be suspended from all choral activity until your payments are up to date or an agreement has been reached with the administration.

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