Client Service Agreement For Home Care

2 The customer/curator acknowledges that managers are paid by Constant Companions Home Care. Agrees not to pay the manager directly in one (1) year after the last service date at Constant Companions Home Care. If the customer directly employs a manager employed by Constant Companions Home Care, a $5,000 search fee is charged to the customer/guarantor, to be paid immediately by direct employment manager. 2. Tutor/accompanying duties will be very suitable for your personal needs. Services may include personal assistance, assistance with daily activities, medication monitoring, meal preparation, household management and light linen and accompaniment. 3. If your guardian is alive, you will provide them with appropriate meals and a suitable place to sleep in your residence. 3 In addition, our caregivers should work about 10-12 hours a day with only 2-3 sleep disorders per night. If the manager is unable to rest properly, the Agency will contact you to provide additional caregivers to supplement the senior manager to ensure the safety of the client and manager when providing services. The client agrees to give the instructors/accompanists sufficient breaks, lunch breaks and hours of sleep.

4. The caregiver is not a registered nurse, so it is prohibited by state law to administer medication, including orally. All medications must be measured and/or pre-watered by a family member or licensed nurse. The caregiver/accompanist can call back and assist the patient at the time of each medication. 5. Constant Companions Home Care calculates time and half for the following holidays: New Year`s Day, Easter Sunday, Remembrance Day, July 4, Work Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. 5 On that date, an endorsement is attached to this original contract, which changes the initial prices. 11.

Both parties have the right to terminate the service at any time with a 24-hour delay. The Agency has reason to immediately terminate services if: The client refuses the necessary personal assistance, insufficient care for appropriate care, unhealthy and/or precarious environment or non-payment of services . 12. Both parties agree that all litigation arising from this agreement will be opened before the Superior Court presented by Constant Companions Home Care. Both parties agree with such jurisdiction, agree that that jurisdiction will be in good standing in such courts and refrain from any objections based on the Non-Conveniens Forum.

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