Exclusive Management Agency Agreement (Residential Short Version)

The operator must make a disclosure statement before entering into an agreement. (Link in `Approved Forms above) 3 EXCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT PARTIES Principal Agent ABN / ACN GST Registered Yes No Phone: Home Licensee s License No.* (see note) Mobile ABN / ACN GST Registered Yes No Trading as Mobile * Note: If the agent is acting as a company, the licensee`s license number is the company`s license number. PREMISES of premises for rent Be: Unfurnished furnished parking / parking space included Yes No AGREEMENT Agent s Termin 1. The contracting entity shall entrust the agent with the rental and management of the premises in accordance with this Agreement. 2. It is agreed that the staff member may, from time to time, delegate all or part of the staff of the staff member to the powers conferred on the staff member by this agreement. 3. This Agreement begins at the end and may be terminated by any party by indicating at least the rights or obligations acquired by the party prior to effective termination. written denunciation, but without prejudice to the rental contract 4. The intermediary has the right to rent all or part of the premises under the following conditions or as other instructions: i Duration of the rental contract ii rent by rent to be paid in advance or any other rent that the client can accept. iii the rental obligation $ or corresponds to the weekly rent for each rental. Special Guide 5.

Authority of the agent 6. At the end of each lease, the agent has the right: i Premises for market rentals for a period of less than ii Contact the client for relocation and promotion instructions / Promotion Yes No iii Check the rent if the agent considers that such verification is appropriate. Yes No Yes No No Page 1 OF 6 6 EXCLUSIVE ADMINISTRATION xi Any tax necessary to obtain a management status or declaration Yes No xii Yes Yes No xiii Yes No See annex for details Account statement 19. The contractor shall, on a monthly basis or as directed, make a declaration that the funds and expenses received on behalf of the procuring entity, as well as the fees and charges levied for the services provided to the procuring entity, and the balance less payments, are paid to the procuring entity as set out below (see attached list). If, at any time, the amounts to be paid exceed the balance of the account, the client undertakes to pay the excess amount to the agent on request. Power to deduct 20. In the event that funds are paid to the agent on behalf of the payer, the agent is entitled to deduct from those funds all the aforementioned taxes, expenses and fees before being invoiced to the payer. Taxes or deductions on financial institutions 21.

The holder is entitled to a refund of taxes or deductions levied on the agent`s account by banks or other financial institutions and attributable to the affairs of the client. GST 22. All sums referred to in this Agreement which are to be paid by the contracting entity to the agent in respect of the services provided by the agent under this Agreement, including the reimbursement of expenses, shall be expressed, including the tax on goods and services referred to in this Agreement. Exemption and liability of the contractor 23. The contracting authority shall keep and maintain the agent free from any act, action, procedure, claim, claim, claim, costs and expenses which may be exercised or committed against the agent in or from the performance or exercise of any of the powers, obligations or powers of the agent under this Agreement. . . .

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