Staples Driver Release Agreement

All shipments destined outside of Canada or imported into Canada are subject to customs duties and taxes. Customs duties and taxes and any other applicable customs clearance taxes may be levied on a consignment based on the customs value, the description of the articles, the country of origin and, in some cases, the reason for export. The customs duty or tariff is determined by the Harmonized System Code (HS Code) and by any trade agreements that may apply to the consignment. Will make it difficult for me to get a replacement or refund so I can just buy the chair at my local store? X_________________ I understand that my signature authorizes Staples to leave my shipment at my address, even if no one is available to accept it. I also understand that Staples is not responsible for any loss or damage that may result from the delivery request I have made in this agreement. Please note that, in some cases, your order may not be suitable for the release of signatures. The delivery person leaves a note with instructions on how to get your order. Our Express Envelope, Express Pack and Express Box* are available at our shipping centres across Canada.** You will also find a variety of other packaging solutions that are available for sale. Find a Purolator shipping centre near you. A commercial invoice is the most widely used customs document. The commercial invoice contains details about the transaction between the sender and the recipient. The commercial invoice should contain all the necessary information concerning the consignment destined for the customs agent and how to proceed with customs clearance.

A commercial invoice must be completed for: Online: To open an account, click on “Register Now” and select “Open a Purolator Business Account”. . We will not carry items prohibited by law. The shipment of an item on Purolator`s Prohibited Goods List is subject to prior written authorization between the shipper and Purolator. Prohibited goods can be items such as animals, currency, firearms, drugs and more. See Purolator Terms and Conditions. for the complete list of prohibited goods. I live in a building (not the type with post office or administrative office for supplies) By phone: Call us at 1 888 SHIP-123 and select option 3. We can set up your account directly over the phone. X________________________________________________________________________ A bill of lading is a delivery document, label, consignment note, manifest or similar instrument used by Purolator for the acceptance of shipments for transport and contains a Purolator bill of lading. We have over 1300 comfortable shipping locations across Canada.

Find a shipping location near you. Our Purolator Ground Service is sometimes referred to as the Deferred Service. It is an efficient and user-friendly alternative to the night service for non-urgent shipments for which overnight delivery is not a priority. Your shipment is delivered within two or more business days depending on the destination. Learn more about our national and U.S. land services. Purolator`s shipping costs do not include any applicable customs or brokerage fees or other co-handling fees. If you have not yet registered for Preprints, please register and then log in. X___________________________________________________________ (Name of Signed Signatory – Please Print) X____________________________________ (Authorized Signature) Shipping to a U.S. or international destination may require more information than shipping domestic. When shipping outside of Canada, a number of forms must be completed and accompanied by your package.

Visit our Us & International Shipping to review a variety of topics related to the international import and export of your packages, including customs, customs and tax documentation as well as general information and tips….

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