Supplemental Agreement Tuition Grant

Permanent residents and international SPR students and international students wishing to receive the MOE Tuition Grant to subsidize their tuition fees must indicate in their online admission form that they are opting for TG. If they are offered a Tuition Grant with their study place, they must indicate whether they accept the offer with or without Tuition Grant. For those who have accepted the offer of accreditation with The Tuition Grant, they must register for a Tuition Grant after receiving their service number. Eligible Singaporeans automatically receive a Tier A Tuition Grant, which is the highest amount of the tuition subsidy, so Singapore citizens pay the lowest tuition fees. There is no obligation of commitment. Students who receive the tuition allowance only have to pay the subsidized tuition fees. – Guarantors must print the TGA on white paper in A4 format and sign on page 9 ink, send the signed agreement to the student accompanied by a copy of their passport or a government-issued identity card with photo. Students have the right to take a Tuition Grant if they have not previously taken Tuition Grant or received a scholarship from the Government of Singapore to obtain another qualification at an equal or higher level. These include other grants from ceeCs or sponsorship from the Government of Singapore (e.g. government scholarships.B offered by ministries, the Public Utilities Commission and statutory councils for local or foreign studies). If you have already received a Tuition Grant in your previous course from a local institution*, you are entitled to a Tuition Grant up to the normal duration of the course, less the number of tuition fees you have already received (e.g.

number of tuition fees eligible for the new course = normal duration of the course of the new course – number of tuition allowances received for the previous course). *Institutions refer to state-funded universities or self-government institutions, namely the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Lasalle College of the Arts. The Tuition Grant is a scholarship from the Government of Singapore to help students manage the cost of full-time higher education in Singapore up to a maximum of 10 semesters. RPDs and international students who have successfully applied for the scholarship must implement a study aid agreement with the Government of Singapore, represented by the Ministry of Education (MOE). NAFA will accompany registered students in their application for the Tuition Grant. . . .

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