The Four Agreements Book What Is It About

The first step is consciousness; recognize that we have these agreements, but also recognize that there is no need to continue to suffer. 100 words is as simple as it is difficult to summarize a good book. There are so many things that are not said. Still, I know that reaching 100 words will give more creativity and effort. I simply propose that you read the four chords if you want a clearer picture of Miguel Ruiz`s perspective. Judging what Ruiz says about The Represses on the basis of his reference to John 1 (or what we commentators say about it) might be a bit hasty. I think my view of the Bible would be quite reduced if I read some of the laws of exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy, or if I only read Thomas Jefferson`s opinion of the Bible. Of course, you might already feel in your heart that Ruiz is not blameless with his word when he writes about John 1. We all have our own views on such matters.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom is a self-help book by bestspoer Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills. The book proposes a code of conduct based on ancient Tolèque wisdom and which advocates the freedom of self-limiting beliefs that can cause suffering and restrictions in a person`s life. You could say that these beliefs “distort” your side of this conversation, because that`s what beliefs do – and why the Tolec way is concerned with studying beliefs and determining whether they really serve us to be happy. It`s easy to be happy. Fortunately, for me, the absence of suffering and emotional roller coaster on which I lived by taking things personally and distorting the beauty of others. “The Four Chords” not only gave me the four chords with which I made small positive changes in my life, but the book also helped me understand the process of “domestication” and how this “domestication” shaped my belief systems. I researched the old Toltec history and it was not beautiful, not beautiful at all. After saying that, this book is written for mean people, most of whom are people in this harassed and rushed society. I cannot be more concise or clearer. I met a person who had read this book, well, I tried to meet people again, she knocked me down so quickly that I felt like a speed bump on the street, and then again, she was a big coffee drinker, like most people I know anyway, a player like that. I think 90% of the people I meet these days always have something up their sleeve. Those of us who are docile, friendly, friendly, calm, calm, respectful, giving, open, loving and who do not believe in the “I” society that encompasses today`s world, are the truly lonely, the rare and are impossible to follow.

We are the ones who once sat at the edge of the circle, listened very carefully, waited, waited, waited for our chance to finally leave and found our own tribe. We`ve been domesticated since day one, when the book goes away immediately, if you don`t have a belief system, basically use people (others) to get what you want out of life. Go back to the original Toltecen, see how they treated their wives, now we allow our women to treat our men like this. I`m not at all pro-feminist all day, but this cycle of mutual wound will never stop, as people read books like this, this book feels like we`re going on all men to get what we want from the mentality of life, it takes hypocrisy to a new level, but on the other hand, anyway, we are all hypocrites and we have been for quite some time. Follow the platform on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. Agreeing with ourselves not to take things personally (#2) offers us the opportunity to look inward and find and change the old agreements and beliefs – most often lies of our childhood adhesion – that emotionally captivate us and push us to react. . . .

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