Upper Arlington Collective Bargaining Agreement

In addition, IAFF 1521 members will receive $500 in the new contract because they reached an agreement with the city through “accelerated negotiation.” The agreement with 53 members of IAFF 1521 comes after the city reached a three-year collective agreement with its police officers last December. “Normally, negotiations are with several representatives and next year after the contract expires,” she says. “These two things were not done and we reached an interim agreement before the current contract expired.” “Firefighters` pay rates are based on their negotiated employment contract, which involves overtime pay, an increase as an ambulance driver, etc.,” said Brent Lewis, CFO. “However, to keep it simple, the average salary of a firefighter in the AU, without lieutenants or captains, in 2019 is about $86,000.” “I understand that the negotiation process has been very positive and has resulted in a fair agreement for all parties,” Truett said. Upper Arlington Schools will not have to worry about labour negotiations in the near future, having recently signed a three-year contract with the teachers` union. In addition to guaranteeing annual wage increases for teachers for each of the three years, the agreement also means that the borough will have employment contracts with all union employees over the next few years. “The Upper Arlington Education Association has ratified the new collective agreement with more than 90 percent approval of our voting membership,” said UAEA Co-Chair Star Simpson. “The additional schedule has been adjusted to more reflect other Franklin County districts because we have not exceeded comparable rates.” Last year, the collective agreement had an increase of 2 per cent over the previous two years, with an increase of zero per cent on the basis. The agreement was approved on December 13 by members of the Upper Arlington Firefighters Union, the International Association of Firefighters Local 1521. As wages rise, health insurance premiums for UAEA members will also increase. The new firefighter contract increases uniform contracts from 900 to 1,250 $US “due to increased costs relative to uniform fire-fighting materials,” said Steve Schoeny, City Attorney Jeanine Hummer, Assistant City Manager Dan Ralley and Fire Lyn Nofziger in a December 9 report to council. “The city was also able to receive a language that does not authorize the single allowance if the member retires in the first trimester, as well as a clawback plan if the member has already received the allowance. In 2020, once the deductibles are completed, VAEA members will pay 10 percent of their in-Network insurance costs, with an out-of-pocket commitment of up to $1,675 per year for individual coverage and $3,350 per year for family coverage.

By comparison, Lewis said the average base salary for Upper Arlington rank and file officers in 2019 is about $90,000. In this agreement, Upper Arlington police officers received 3.25% in 2019 and 2020 and 3% in 2021. According to the city`s financial department, the average salary for an Upper Arlington firefighter is $86,000. This rises to 15 percent in 2021, with a maximum out-of-pocket cost of $2,000 per year for individual insurance and $4,000 a year for family coverage. Mr. Simpson attributed the short duration of contract negotiations to the creation of communication and training committees over the past year.

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